As a premium partner of Canada’s Tier 1 providers such as Bell, Rogers, Telus, and Allstream, we leverage their world class networks and combine them with our best-in-class billing technology and customer service solutions to deliver an exceptional telecom experience. LTE GEN Telecommunications serves almost 10,000 customers across Canada, offering a comprehensive suite of telecommunications products to small, medium and large corporations, including: Business Lines, Toll-Free & Long Distance, SIP Trunking, Fibre Internet, T1, E100, MPLS, and more.



Here’s 5 great reasons to choose LTE GEN for all your business needs:
1.  99.999% Network Reliability
We partner with multiple Tier 1 providers to deliver superior voice, internet and data services – delivered to your business with 99.999% network reliability. We back this up with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and 24-hour support and technical assistance. Your business will not find better reliability.
2.  The Highest Network Availability (Seriously)
Because we partner with multiple Tier 1 carriers, we have a wider network reach than any other telecom company in Canada – including the biggest ones. That means LTE GEN can offer more telecom technologies and services where your business needs them most.
3.  We’ll Cut Your Costs
We start by analyzing your business’ telecom expenditures. We’ll eliminate telecom waste, provide ongoing auditing and resource management support, and help lower your administrative costs. Most importantly, we’ll get your business the best rates possible for your telecom services.
4.  Seriously Simplified, and Customized Billing
You can customize your phone bill…completely. Want all your services on a single bill? Or several bills sent to multiple branches? Either way, LTE GEN can do it. We’ll also identify every service on your phone bill so you’ll know exactly what it is (eg. Fax line, John Smith’s line), how much you’re paying for it, and whether your business is optimizing its usage. We don’t charge any access fees or hidden costs so your telecom expenditures will be simple to see and easy to understand.
5.  A Better Telecom Experience
At LTE GEN, we’re passionate about customer service. We’ll supply your business with a single point of contact so when you need assistance you can speak to the same person each and every time. We offer flexible contracts that don’t auto-renew and “lock you in” like other telecom providers.  We think it all adds up to a better telecom experience for you and your business.
LTE GEN is a different kind of Telecommunications Company, with a different kind of approach. We offer reliable, cost-effective technology to the Business markets like a lot of other telecom companies, but we also put our energy into the things that you value most – like personal attention, responsiveness, and servicing your unique needs. We like to say that our company is designed with you, the customer, in mind.
LTE GEN offers one of the widest selections of Business telecommunications services available in Canada. This includes Long Distance and Local Phone Services, Internet access ranging from Dial-up and ADSL all the way to T1, OC3, and E10 connections. We also offer Data Services such as MPLS, IP VPN, Digital Private Lines. We complement our reliable, cost-effective technology with an unwavering commitment to customer service. From service selection and implementation, to billing and support, every aspect of the customer interaction is marked by a customer care experience unique in today’s telecom industry.
Yes. In fact, LTE GEN independence from any one service carrier gives our customers the power of network convergence: a single overlapping network that spans the nation with high quality telecom service. From Vancouver to St. Johns, LTE GEN provides a geographically wider service availability than any other single Canadian telecommunications provider in today’s market.
Absolutely. LTE GEN has a tightly-managed, overlapping telecommunications network that offers 99.999% or “five-nine” reliability. Automated provisioning and redundant carrier service also allows us to rapidly recover from any network outage with little or no impact to our customers.  That’s something that not even the biggest telecom companies in Canada can offer.
Being vendor independent, LTE GEN is unbound by the pricing or technology restraints of any single telecom carrier. Via our strategic relationships with all tier 1 and 2 telecom carriers, installers and technology providers, we’ll ensure you get the most reliable and cost-effective telecom services for your home or business.
Since 1998. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated. From 1998, Canadian Telecommunications has operated as several brands including LTE GEN, and others. As we grew, we decided it made most sense to streamline and focus on our best brand. In 2009, we officially merged all brands into, changed our legal name to, and solely operate as, LTE GEN Corp.
We feel the name LTE GEN is in keeping with the spirit of communications and connecting people through technology. Our goal is to listen to customers and understand their unique needs in an effort to build a better telecommunications company.